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A training platform 'Building Energy Retrofit. Basics and Design Process'

A training platform 'Building Energy Retrofit. Basics and Design Process'

The platform was developed by an experienced energy engineer. It will be attractive for universities and colleges to provide teaching in advanced commercial energy retrofit program development and individiduals to expand their carreer to the building energy retrofit area. The platform is a ready-to-use set of training resources designed for both in-class and self-training. Building energy retrofit is a $6B growing industry that needs qualified experts capable to develop  comprehensive energy retrofit programs to improve facilities and fight the climate change and fossil fuel depletion. This platform will allow you gain the energy engineering skills by developing your own real size project. The platform will reduce your learning curve by 3 to 8 years of active work as an energy engineer.

You will enjoy a set of training tools and materials including:

  • Step-by-step guide
  • HAP energy analysis software by Carrier Co.
  • Excel spreadsheet coded with all required calculations
  • Energy retrofit concept report template.

The input data for each project includes the title of relevant set of building drawings, e.g. 'Administration Building A".

To practice a selected project, buy the set of drawings with the same title (use menu 'Store Catalogue', folder 'Drawings and Schematics')


The platform was designed to automate all routine works and maximize your creative thinking.

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