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Reduce on-going training costs! Increase educational ROI

Typical skills of a new junior hire after a university or college are inconsistent scattered basic knowledge, no mental engineering rational system encompassing the design sequence and methods, self quality control, no sense of the interdependency among the design steps and procedures etc.

How to make the period of maturity shorter when everyone in your company is busy and have no time and well skills to educate the newcomers?

The majority of 2-3 day courses ask thousands just for 'refreshing the basics'. How much would be the cost and time required for a commercial design level hands-on top to bottom HVAC design training?

Purchase our self-training package for internal educating your employees’ skills up to the company’s standard. The course is based on the latest ASHRAE standards and handbooks and personal experience of the Academy’s staff. Here are the contents and pieces from the course. The package includes everything the trainees need including the guide A to Z HVAC Design for Engineers, supporting computing modules, ASHRAE climatic database, and other training materials.

What if the standard is a little different from the course contents? We will customize it to the standard (The work will be additionally priced).