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ip units

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CDDn Cooling degree-days base n°F, °F-day Lat Latitude, ° Period Years used to calculate the design conditions
CDHn Cooling degree-hours base n°F, °F-hour Long Longitude, ° Sd Standard deviation of daily average temperature, °F
DB Dry bulb temperature, °F MCDB Mean coincident dry bulb temperature, °F StdP Standard pressure at station elevation, psi
DP Dew point temperature, °F MCDBR Mean coincident dry bulb temp. range, °F taub Clear sky optical depth for beam irradiance
Ebn,noon Clear sky beam normal and diffuse horizontal irradiances at solar noon, Btu/h/ft2 MCDP Mean coincident dew point temperature, °F taud Clear sky optical depth for diffuse irradiance
Elev Elevation, ft MCWB Mean coincident wet bulb temperature, °F Tavg Average temperature, °F
Enth Enthalpy, Btu/lb MCWBR Mean coincident wet bulb temp. range, °F Time Zone Hours ahead or behind UTC, and time zone code
HDDn Heating degree-days base n°F, °F-day MDBR Mean dry bulb temp. range, °F WB Wet bulb temperature, °F
Hours 8/4; 55/69 Number of hours between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m with DB between 55 and 69 °F PCWD Prevailing coincident wind direction, °, 0 = North, 90 = East WBAN Weather Bureau Army Navy number
HR Humidity ratio, grains of moisture per lb of dry air
WMO# World Meteorological Organization number
WS Wind speed, mph