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About the database

Warning: This database is offered and intended for educational purposes only. The HVAC Academy disclaims any liability either expressed or implied from the use of misuse of this database. Any commercial use of the database is prohibited.

Online World Climatic Database presents the climatic design conditions for over 5000 locations around the world (all continents). The data is available in metric (SI) and Inch-Pound (IP) units. The database can be used for HVAC design, sizing (if local building code is unavailable), and other works.

Suggestion: Use this climatic database and learn HVAC Sytems Design with our E-Book "A-to-Z HVAC Design for Engineers".

Available data

The database provides the following annual design parameters:

  • Station locational information
    Latitude, Longitute, StdP, Elevation etc...
  • Heating and Humidification
    Coolest month, Heating DB, Humidification DP/MCDB and HR, Coldest month WS/MCDB, MCWS/PCWD.
  • Cooling and Dehumidification
    Hottest month, DB Range, Cooling DB/MCWB, Evaporation WB/MCDB, MCWS/PCWD.
  • Dehumidification and Enthalpy
    DP/MCDS and HR, Enthalpy/MCDB
  • Monthly climatic design conditions
    Temperatures, Degree Days/Hours, Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb, Clear-sky Irradiance