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HVAC Design Self-Training Course (Includes Design Software)

Updated Version: March, 2016

Is this HVAC Design Course for you?

  • Are you an individual who wants to learn the A-to-Z of real-life HVAC design practiced by today's consulting companies; however, without spending 3 to 7 years doing it, but rather gaining the knowledge in only 6 months?
  • Are you a seasoned professional in the consulting or energy services business who wants to refresh their memory on some or all aspects of HVAC design?
  • Are you already working in HVAC design, but want to drastically improve your knowledge?
  • Do you design HVAC systems, but lack proper software tools for automatically calculating design loads, sizing equipment, and compiling reports?
  • Do you not want to spend thousands of dollars on courses or software packages that provide you with only bits and pieces of the puzzle?



Video Tutorials

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HVAC Design Self-Training System will help you to quickly gain the practical skills in HVAC design of industry scale projects other engineers obtain only after five to ten years of work within a consulting company.

Our training package will let you learn and practice HVAC Systems Design process at your own pace*.

Self-Training System Components

The Solution

Traditionally, HVAC engineering practices have included notebooks filing all calculation worksheets to support the HVAC drawings and specifications. The solution we offer is MS Excel Spreadsheet Engineering Modules. The Modules serve the same purpose: they carry out the calculations and keep track of the calculation inputs and outputs in electronic format. The suite of Modules is collectively called 'HVAC Engineering Toolkit'. The Toolkit includes the following modules:

  • THERMAL COMFORT- for prediction of thermal comfort at various indoor conditions
  • DESIGN LOADS- for calculating thermal loads of air-handling and terminal units
  • AIR FLOW- for calculating duct and air diffusion systems
  • WATER FLOW- for calculating piping systems
  • PSYCHROMETRICS- for calculation of the full set of moist air properties

Efficiency and Comparison

Existing computer HVAC related programs conceal their algorithms and interim calculation results, often causing inadequate input data entry and misinterpretation of the outputs. To avoid these shortcomings, the HVAC Engineering Toolkit organizes the calculations in interlinked worksheets - tabs, placed in the order of the design progress. The tabs expose all interim calculations accompanied by formula descriptions. Our Toolkit significantly improves the quality and efficiency of the training process.

The Modules were validated against the examples in ASHRAE Fundamentals, 2005 /1/ and standard /5/ and will be beneficial in your future real design.

The Modules are available in IP (Inch-Pound) or SI (Metric) units.

Students have the entitlement for a printed copy of the book and unlimited number of Modules for personal use only. The copyright of the system belongs to the Academy of HVAC Engineering ltd.


The design methods offered in the HVAC Design Self-Training System have been successfully used in design of many buildings in Canada.

*Successful completion of the course will depend on the time you allocate to the training, your background in HVAC Systems Design and other personal matters.



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