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AutoCAD Drawing Library

Updated Version: Dec, 2016

Are you looking for AutoCAD mechanical drawings to practice HVAC design and retrofit?

Every year hundreds of university and college students enrolled in mechanical engineering programs struggle to find a set of floor plans for their major or capstone HVAC design projects. It is not an easy task. The drawings typically belong to building owners or consulting companies and have no reason to share them with third parties. The unauthorized use of drawings would constitute breach of the copyright law. In addition, not all drawings are drafted to the high industry standards. In addition, the drawings usually contain not related to their project information, which creates confusion and errors. Unfortunately, the faculties usually do not have resources and budget to draft the drawings. The result is the projects are performed using rudimentary poor drafted sketches and the learning becomes less efficient than it should be.

The Academy of HVAC Engineering team has drafted a few sets of mechanical drawings for office, educational and retail building categories. The drawings meet the highest drafting standards acceptable in the consulting services. The Academy team deliberately made the buildings small enough to avoid unnecessary routine computations and big enough to include all HVAC systems that a typical set of mechanical drawings developed by a consulting company in North America has.

You can choose a set from our drawing library:

  • Administrative Building A (3,280ft2)
  • Administrative Building B (7,000ft2)
  • Primary School – Annex A (9,600ft2)
  • Primary School – Annex B (7,400ft2)
  • Primary School – Annex C (6,940ft2)
  • Primary School – Annex D (8,560ft2)
  • Shopping Centre – Annex A (5,350ft2)
  • Shopping Centre – Annex B (7,680ft2)
  • Shopping Centre – Annex C (5,870ft2)
  • Shopping Centre – Annex D (5,430ft2)

The buildings in all drawings were designed with the same HVAC concept – an air-handling unit located in a mechanical room serves constant air volume to the spaces via terminal constant air volume boxes and reheat coils. Hot water baseboards heat the spaces. A heating plant located in the mechanical room provides the hot water to the air-handling unit; reheat coils and space heating units. A direct digital control system controls all HVAC equipment. A sample of the drawings is shown here. The drawings are provided in the pdf-format.

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