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Validated, easy to use HVAC Loads, Piping and Ductwork Design Software Tools

We know the feeling of suspicion and mistrust to existing software tools because the tools conceal algorithms behind nice user interfaces and provide no evidence of the accuracy of the results.


-What are the algorithm limitations?

-What is the accuracy of the results?

-Does it take into account such and such aspects of the process at hand?


To make your HVAC design pleasant and effective we developed new software tools meeting the following criteria:

-The tool calculation methods go through rigorous validation procedure allowing you to see if the accuracy meets your requirements. The calculation outputs have been matched against the sample calculations provided by the sources of the methods. Click here to see the validation test summary of the training and reference guide 'A to Z HVAC Design for Engineers'

-Module code is completely exposed. You can trace every line of the entire chain of the calculations and see the formulae used and their results

-User interface is based on the all-familiar MS Excel. This gives you the flexibility to customize your work and link the tool to your own spreadsheets

-Modular approach. The modules cover virtually all tedious and error prone calculating procedures related to the HVAC Systems Design. If you require, as an example, to size a water piping system, simply obtain the module 'Water Flow' with no prerequisites to other components (see complete list of modules we offer under 'Products' menu).

Link the modules into a comprehensive computing system, no need for manual input data transferring and editing the calculations any more. For example, if the architect changed the window type, simply change the U-value in the module interface as needed and immediately obtain the new size of all air-handling unit elements, ducts, even piping serving the spaces with new windows. This approach significantly reduces the time and dramatically improves accuracy in everyday engineering.

Water Flow - how much is fair?