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'Psychrometrics™' Engineering Spreadsheet Module

Is this MODULE for you?

  • Do you design HVAC systems for new construction or retrofit projects?
  • Do you design specialized HVAC systems dealing with low or high air temperature, and have trouble finding psychrometric charts for specific atmospheric pressure?
  • Do you find it tedious to keep record of where you obtained your air properties?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, the 'Psychrometrics' Module is your solution!


The air-conditioning is a complicated process of the heat and humidity exchange between the air stream and air-handling unit’s elements. The air properties continuously change while the air stream moves from one element to another. Traditionally, HVAC engineers in Canada and USA determine the moist air properties using a psychrometric chart (in Europe known as a Mollier chart). The 'Psychrometrics' MS Excel Spreadsheet Module is a simplified alternative to the chart. 'Psychrometrics' Module calculates the full set of moist air properties (enthalpy, relative humidity, humidity ratio, density, and dew-point temperature) based on a given pair of dry- and wet-bulb temperatures of the air stream and the altitude of the system location.

The 'Psychrometrics' Module is available in both Inch-Pound and Metric (SI) units.

Click on the thumbnail to see sample Moist Air Properties Calculations Moist Air Properties

The process of the property calculation is based on the thermodynamic equations provided in the ASHRAE Handbook 'Fundamentals' and therefore is more accurate than the process of reading the data from a chart, particularly if the chart’s altitude is different from the required one. The digital format of the calculated data is convenient for further data processing in the MS Excel or other computing platforms. The module code has been validated against the test samples in the handbook.


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