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'Design Loads ™' Engineering Spreadsheet Module

Is this MODULE for you?

  • Do you design HVAC systems for new construction or retrofit projects?
  • Do you want an easy-to-use software to calculate all design loads, cooling and heating coils sizes, boiler plants, etc., which provides schedule-type outputs that can be sent (without manually modifying anything) to your suppliers for quoting and to the City for permitting?
  • Do you have a complex project where you are tired of re-calculating 'everything' after the architect makes a small change that impacts all of your HVAC systems?

If so, the 'Design Loads' Module is your solution!



This easy-to-use module puts the power of ASHRAE Standards 55, 62.1, and 90.1 at the designer/engineer’s fingertips!

'Design Loads' will quickly calculate for you all building heating and cooling design loads, air handling units’ sizes, fans, heating and cooling coils, reheat coils, and perimeter radiation, for constant and variable air volume air conditioning systems! This Module™ is simpler to use, quicker than, and just as accurate as other leading HVAC Design Programs!*

*See our results chart here.

Design Loads

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