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HVAC Engineering Toolkit


Software toolkit allows you to design HVAC new construction and retrofit projects quickly, accurately, and efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of large brand-name software products:

  • Calculate design heating and cooling space and ventilation loads and airflow rates
  • Size supply and return fans of air-handling systems
  • Size central heating and cooling coils
  • Size reheat coils
  • Size heating plants
  • Size ductwork
  • Size hot and chilled water piping
  • Size diffusers
  • Specify up to 50 individual comfort zones per air-handling system
  • Specify up to 50 spaces per air-handling system
  • Specify up to three air-handling system per module
  • Drop-down menus for space, envelope and system related inputs
  • CTS/RTS thermal load calculation method as per ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals 2005
  • Link all modules together to create super-fast design system
  • Fully based on and verified against latest ASHRAE Standards
  • Ventilation requirements as per ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007
  • Indoor design conditions as per ASHRAE Standard 55-2004
  • Energy related design as per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007


Traditionally, HVAC engineering practices have included notebooks filing all calculation worksheets to support the HVAC drawings and specifications. The solution we offer is a toolkit of MS Excel Spreadsheet Engineering Modules. The term "Module" implies modular nature of the toolkit: spreadsheets linked together become an automated design system. The Modules carry out the calculations and keep track of the calculation inputs and outputs in electronic format. The Toolkit has a title 'HVAC Engineering Book©' protected by copyright law. The Toolkit includes the following modules:

  • THERMAL COMFORT- for prediction of thermal comfort at various indoor conditions
  • DESIGN LOADS- for calculating thermal loads of air-handling and terminal units
  • AIR FLOW- for calculating duct and air diffusion systems
  • WATER FLOW- for calculating piping systems
  • PSYCHROMETRICS- for calculation of the full set of moist air properties.

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HVAC Engineering Toolkit

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