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A to Z HVAC Design for Engineers


The e-book describes the HVAC design process as a sequence of interrelated calculations and procedures recommended by ASHRAE handbooks and standards. The e-book will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from development of the HVAC design concept to preparation of the drawings.


The HVAC design is explained at an advanced level to satisfy needs of a wide range of readers with different level of expertise. Beginners may study the guide at high level focusing on the flow of design procedures, the input and output data interpretation and other information on how to accomplish the design. At the same time, an expert can take an inside view at the algorithms and rationale behind specific calculation methods and will find answers to indepth and behind-the-scene questions.


Tutorials at the end of each chapter demonstrate the application of the described procedures. To help the student intimately understand the complete process, the guide includes a sample Design Project 'Constant Air Volume System for a public Building' complete with solutions and instructions. A set of electronic drawings prepared by professional AutoCAD HVAC draft person will give you a complete behind-the-wheel experience in completing the Design Project.

The guide adopts reference tables from various handbooks and standards required to design HVAC systems for commercial and public buildings. You do not need to purchase any additional literature!

Schematics, pictures and other means of associative thinking widely used throughout the guide make the learning process easier to follow and memorize.

The 'A to Z HVAC Design for Engineers' is a 240-page script provided in electronic printable PDF-format.

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