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Do you have branches in Australia?

We offer online courses designed with self-study approach in mind, The course package includes all the materials, assignments and projects and is delivered electronically to your mailbox


What software do I need to use your products?

You will require Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF Reader


I went over the website and couldn't find any module on HVAC design for residential

If you are referring to a high-rise residential building, the teaching means the Academy provides are applicable. If you need to learn how to design a house, we would not recommend to use the academy's course. To learn how to calculate the thermal and ventilation loads in a house we would refer you to the AHSRAE Handbook Fundamentals, the ASHRAE Ventilation Standard 62.2 and other relevant documents.


Are returns/refunds allowed?

The products we offer contain Intellectual Property (IP) information, and once delivered to customer mailbox it is considered a licensed copy. As such, the return of the electronic materials is not possible.


What is the phone number to contact the Academy?

We offer online, self-training course materials across the globe. Due to high volume of queries / transactions, we only offer through-email communication option


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